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I do but I don’t, so leave me alone

For who the hell knows what reason, I was thinking about a fitness article I’d read.  The author at what point talks about the excuse of “I don’t have enough time” being used to get out of exercising regularly.  His response is that “everyone has at least 45 minutes in their day to go and [...]

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Please give

The holidays seem like a good time to ask people to give what they can to good causes.  That being said, if you find that you have extra money or time please give some to a charity you like and respect.  For myself, I want to ask that anyone coming across this post please donate [...]

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Secondary Home

Because is down…again, this will be it’s second home.  I’m looking forward to being able to ftp into the server to retrieve the files in there, as MMS also lives at that domain.  Because spacesocket has turned out to be a pretty poor host, I’m moving the site over here until I decide what [...]

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