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Because is down…again, this will be it’s second home.  I’m looking forward to being able to ftp into the server to retrieve the files in there, as MMS also lives at that domain.  Because spacesocket has turned out to be a pretty poor host, I’m moving the site over here until I decide what to do next.  It really sucks but as I’ve said before, I know who runs this server and I can threaten him if it goes down.  How does the new theme look?  Awful?  I know, I’m not a designer.  Because I’m trying to do more in the way of development and writing down the road, I thought maybe an easier to read site would be better; white on dark background is a little eye straining.

In other news, MMS Chapter Third is about 64% done.  It’s been awhile but I look forward to being able to put it up very soon.  This is the first time I’ve drawn a fight scene and I have mixed feelings about it, but I think it’ll still be okay.  Kill K is building up a little momentum as well, though it’s become black and white due to my tablet dying.  With any luck I’ll be able to buy a new one not too long from now.

That’s it.

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