I love Netflix because it provides me with a way to see movies that I would never have known existed without perusing a very large, very well-stocked dvd store.  Just now I finished Ink, which was apparently a sci-fi thriller.  I guess there’s no fantasy genre because that would have been more fitting, but then those two always get lumped together.  At any rate, this movie came out in 2009 apparently which makes me sad that I missed it.  I don’t know how popular it was, it seems like A Scanner Darkly which people either loved (like me) or hated (like my boyfriend).  Ink makes great use of makeup and computer effects as well as that neat thing where they make the film look like it’s skipping so a character walking across the room does weird little tele-hops in a terrifying fashion.  Fortunately there was a solid story to back those effects up and fragments of another world which you learn more of through the characters or by seeing glimpses of it.  One part of this world seems happy and idyllic while they other is cold and generally unpleasant and everyone wears a lot of black.  As for the story I got confused in some places, which could have been because I was working on “Kill K” at the same time, so I’ll be rewatching to see if what I didn’t understand the first time, falls in place the second.  I have to say that by far, the path finder dude was my favorite character.  That dude was fantastic.  And I actually liked the little girl, even though I don’t like kids and kids in movies usually aren’t interesting to me unless it’s Dakota Fanning.  But this one was very cute, and she had two great lines consisting only of “Roar!”

Go watch Ink, unless you’re a horrible person and didn’t like movies like The Dark Crystal, Labrynth, Pan’s Labrynth or Mirror Mask.  But in that case I don’t like you on principle.

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  1. I like the artwork on this, although the theme is quite dark and a bit of a mystery unless you are aware of the story.

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