Super Robot Taisen: Finished

So after much work and many attempts at the last boss, I managed to finish Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier.  I think that this game will be one of my favorites, for a lot of reasons.  I want to break it down a little.

Cast: Amazing.  How can you not love a full cast of sexy women?  And they come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you can find your particular favorite.  Mine was by far Aschen Brodel, and the fact that she has two settings: cold and snippy or bubbly and ditsy.  Aschen is the partner/first mate/voice of reason for Haken Brown, one of the few male main characters in this game.  Haken is the charismatic cowboy always on the lookout for a new piece of ass.  The other lovely ladies: Kaguya, Suzuka, Xiaomu and KOS-MOS have their own personality quirks and poses (Kaguya often leans forward so far that her dress almost slips off).  KOS-MOS is a recurring character in the Xenosaga series, for all of those who are fans of her (this was the first game I played with her in it, but I am planning on pursuing her further).

Fights: The combat system was a lot of fun.  Sometimes turn-based combat can be a little tedious or annoying, but they did a great job with it in Super Robot Taisen.  The characters share a frontier gauge which when filled can be used to power their ultimate attacks (all the ladies either lose pieces of clothing or show how flexible they are).  Each time you attack you lift the enemy into the air, the more you keep them off the ground the more damage you do,  this aspect was something I was never able to master but still cool.  As well as beating the shit out of monsters you have spirits which allow you to heal the party, buff yourself up or debuff the enemy and skills which range from very damaging attacks to regaining health or protecting the party.  There are a lot of ways to hurt things and do a lot of damage, but that’s not to say that the fights are easy.  Some are incredibly difficult and the only way to win them is to use a certain amount of strategy with brute force.  The combination of the two makes things that much more interesting, not to mention the overall sexiness of the fights.

Story: The story surprised me the most.  This game is very clearly a JRPG, but it lacks most of the themes that go into that genre.  Granted there was some dialog about being positive and moving forward and fighting for good and all that, but that was usually sprinkled with sexual innuendo and bickering between the characters.  All characters were more dimensional than the stereotypes they were based off of (Kaguya, for instance, was not a complete naive, voluptuous ditz, she had some bite to her).  The premise is that the world has been broken into pieces and you can only get from one area to another using a cross-gate which is something of a teleporter.  As well as this there are some strange rock formations that are impossible to break until later in the game but are annoyingly everywhere you need to get to.  It takes some investigating to track down who’s behind all of this, in the meantime you get to meet a lot of colorful and funny characters.  In the end it turns out that aliens (?) are running around impersonating almost anyone they can get their hands on.  Why they are doing this is a little unclear, but that could be because I was always playing while watching TV or a movie.  At any rate, they’re bad guys and pretty nasty to fight, especially because you’re sometimes fighting yourself.

Artwork: Very beautiful and detailed.  And best of all, you can tell people apart!  Yay!

Voice Acting: All in Japanese, but still very very good.

All in all, this game was amazing.  I give it some absurdly high score which will convince you to go buy it and play it.  Like now.  Seriously.

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