I do but I don’t, so leave me alone

For who the hell knows what reason, I was thinking about a fitness article I’d read.  The author at what point talks about the excuse of “I don’t have enough time” being used to get out of exercising regularly.  His response is that “everyone has at least 45 minutes in their day to go and exercise”, or something similar to that.  I agree, I’m fairly sure that there is no one in this world that doesn’t get about 45 minutes of downtime in their day.  However, “relaxing”, “chilling”, “chilaxing” are usually the tasks that are assigned to that spare time.  When did those become frowned upon?  I think this makes me angry because I always feel like I never have time and if I had to break it down, that’s not an unfair way to think.  Full time job, a side job that takes up weekends, full time schooling and then the odds and ends that you have to do to maintain a living space and a position in society (paying bills, buying food, doing laundry so you look like you care)…all of those things take up a lot of time.  I won’t say that I never have free time, just that it’s sometimes hard to come by.  When I do get free time, I’d like to use it to play a game or read a book or watch a movie.  The other 5 to 9 hours of free time I have during the day (depending on how tired I am) are given to sleep.  Should that be given up for exercise?

The problem isn’t that this guy is wrong, it’s that he’s presuming everyone that uses the busy excuse is being lazy.  Some people are.  I definitely have used that and then been lazy.  But having absolutely no time to wind down and do nothing is unhealthy.  More likely you’ll break down and then wind up in a hospital and then you really won’t be able to get to the gym.  Here’s where, if I was making this argument to a heath fanatic I’m sure they would come back with “if you were already exercising daily you’d have more energy.”  Sure, that’s very true.  If I did crack I’d have the energy to exercise too and get the rest of my tasks done.  I don’t think a drug addiction is really the way to go though.  “If you ate properly you’d have more energy.”  Again, true and very valid.  My only argument/whining is that the shift I work makes it slightly more difficult to buy healthy food.  Not impossible for sure.  Salad works is still open during my break, but they’re a little pricey and I’m cheap.  Also, after listening to a dozen people tell you that you suck, french fries are just the thing to perk you up.  So, okay, I’m not as iron-willed as the health fanatics, or maybe I just put my health lower on the priority list than work and school.  I’m not denying that they’re correct, on paper they look like they win the argument and I’m just bitching.  But with this untested statement, if you put it in practice, it’s going to fall on its face.  Those 45 minutes suddenly go to the car emergency you have while you’re driving (maybe on the way to the gym), to attempting to track down some weird entry on a bank statement, to just clearing your mind after a stress-filled day.  I’m just saying…let’s not be so hard on those of us that can’t get to the gym regularly, okay?

And if that’s not good enough, we can leave it at: people that can do that and work a lot are better than I am, but I don’t really care so just leave me alone.

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