Page 33

I made some progress with manga studio and learned how to do dialog balloons properly as well as panel cuts.  Unfortunately the scan of this page isn’t that great, but future ones will hopefully turn out better.

Trium is a better rider than me, I don’t think I could mount a horse without a saddle or mounting block.

It’s been far too long since the last update, but fortunately I will have another one tomorrow as well.  I got a new scanner, another canoscan lide model which is performing very well so far.

I’ve also changed jobs in the time since the last update.  I’m back, working for an advertising company in Baltimore.  I really enjoy the work which is creative and fun.  The decrease in my stress level is also motivating me to work on My Master’s Servant more frequently, and I look forward to finishing out the third chapter and putting it up.

Next week I will be on vacation, but I plan on taking some work with me so that I can come back and start digitizing the pages.  I’d also like to get some extra art up, around the site, as I mentioned before.  This vacation should give me some much-desired time to do so.  Look for tomorrow’s update and I’ll be back in a week!

And it’s getting there…it actually looks good, the part that hasn’t been scanned in yet which is about half of it. But with a broken scanner it may be awhile before it gets digitized and published. Hopefully not, ideally I can repair my current scanner and less ideally I have to buy a new one. Newegg has one for $60 though, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

On top of the scanner and inking the chapter, I really want to get the site skinned nicely and put extra content up. Again, without a scanner that’s a bit hard to do the second part, but the first is not something I want to try. I’m a terrible designer, I have no patience or talent for it, so if anyone knows a nice comic press theme I’d love to hear it. The gentleman friend might also be willing to make a nice, simple design if I ask him nicely, but I hate to be a burden, so we’ll see.

Chapter Third should be up soon, I have all week to work on it and I’m very excited about finishing it and going on to Chapter Fourth. The foreground is almost all inked which means what’s left is the background, the layout and the dialog. There’s still a lot of work to be done but I’m optimistic about it.