And it’s getting there…it actually looks good, the part that hasn’t been scanned in yet which is about half of it. But with a broken scanner it may be awhile before it gets digitized and published. Hopefully not, ideally I can repair my current scanner and less ideally I have to buy a new one. Newegg has one for $60 though, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

On top of the scanner and inking the chapter, I really want to get the site skinned nicely and put extra content up. Again, without a scanner that’s a bit hard to do the second part, but the first is not something I want to try. I’m a terrible designer, I have no patience or talent for it, so if anyone knows a nice comic press theme I’d love to hear it. The gentleman friend might also be willing to make a nice, simple design if I ask him nicely, but I hate to be a burden, so we’ll see.

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